Firstomato IV flow Rate Controller

Infusion Pump? Think again!!

IV flow Rate Controller: Simple. Economical. Mobile and Universal. suitable for PVC infusion sets.

model FSMT-JKQ-01
Rate range 0.33-99drops/min
Infusion ratio 20/60drop-1ml
accuracy 100±2%
dimension 13.7X9.1X2.7cm
weight 185g
power 小于0.5W
recharger AC100-240V 50/60Hz.5V
Battery Loin battery,600mA,supports working time 16小时
alarm a) finish b) deciation c) error d) battery
Targel volume Yes,stop infusion when target volume is reached
Suitable IV set All PVC infusion sets
Suitable medicine Common liquid and blood, enteral nutrition

Why IV Flow Rate Controller. instead of Infusion Pump?

The flow rate controller is to solve the clinical inconveniences:

1. PVC infusion sets: the nurses prefer ordinary ordinary PVC infusion sets for economical reason (cheaper than special sets for infusion pump) or logistic reason (easy to stock)

2. Toilets: patients need to move. especially children and patients in the department of cardiology

3. Universal: no only suitable for all kinds of infusion set. but also suitable for all kinds of liquid including blood. nutrition.

4. Simple: so simple that almost no training is needed. Some nurses forgot how to use an infusion pump simply because it is used very occasionally.


1. Economical: with the high integration of industrial control technology, the device is made small, energy saving, and much lower cost than infusion pump.

2. Mobile: patients can hold the devices and infusion bag together on one hook and move around conveniently, which is very helpful for children who can hardly stay in bed, for cardiac patents who may need to go for urinal very often. 

3. Universal: the device is designed to suit all PVC infusion sets with required accuracy, it is also compatible with all giving liquids including:

·Blooding giving: without destroy blood cells

·Enternal nutrition (nasal feeding): save the cost of special nutrition infusion sets

4. Simple: the interface of device is like a mobile phone. Nurses play the menu a couple of times and find so easy to understand and remember.

Flow rate controller Infusion pump
Working principle gravity volumic
Rate range 0.33-99drops/min(1-297 ml/hour) 1-400drops/min(1-2000ml/hour)
Accuracy 100±2% 2%-5%
Drop detector yes no
Suitable infusion sets All sorts appointed infusion sets
Weight 185g 2.0-3.0kg
Power <0.5W 25W
Mobility convenient inconvenient
Cost low high
Target volume yes yes
Bubble detector no yes
KVO no yes

Wireless system:

Firstomato infusion mornitor & controller wireless system

Up to 99 individual flow rate controller can be connected to centre monitor in the nurses room via WiFi, the whole system includes:

1. up to 99 flow rate controllers including wifi chips

2. routers and modem

3. Mac computer and software


· Remote monitor:

The real time parameter of each device can be displayed on the computer screen including infusion time, settings

rate, actual rate, real time drop signals, setting volume, actual volume,

· Safe monitoring:

Helpful for overnight infusion

helpful for transmitted diseases department

Helpful for burn department

helpful for transplant department

· Database and research:

All information can be reviewed to help:

1) medical research

2) to identify side effect may related with flow rate.